Let me say it as I am think it!

Is a place to anywhere that could type his think about so colicate and unjustice World early XXI Century. We could exchange it our mutual impresions. and we are open to deversity of criteria. Least criteria about Bush Gov. is good.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

La misteriosa muerte del escritor norteamericano James Hatfield [Voltaire]

La misteriosa muerte del escritor norteamericano James Hatfield [Voltaire]
Cuando uno lee historias como estas, no tiene otra alternativa que reafirmar el origen turbio del centro político y social de los Estados Unidos. no es George W. Bush y su banda de delincuentes y asesinos globales, ni el espúreo pasado que cubre a su familia, es algo más grande, es que el propio tuétano del sistema está podrido. Las noticias acerca de los ascensos a la presidencia de determinados paises como Bolivia o Venezuela o Uruguay de personas procedentes de la izquierda y con un claro pensamiento antimperisliata y antiyanqui, le dan un poco de resuello a uno, y lo estimulan a tener esperanzas de que al sistema político y socioeconómico yanqui le queda cada vez menos tiempo de vida. Aunque a fin de cuentas es el mismo pueblo norteamericano quien debrá decidirlo.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Grupo RISA

Grupo RISAThis is another so shit site on web. Beware, becuase this that seem sympathy it is not. Many times, frecuently, the more racist, aggressive and not human intentions are hidden on deeper of kind of jokes that could appear in site like this. Despite so high level of bad houmor and them agreed to worse cause on this planet reality up each time more hardly. We got first aymara President in Bolivia by give them to tradicional excluded poor people them rights after many centuries of exploitation. When first mesures of social justice coming -sooner-, this stupid team of RISA GRUOP will start to cry, and not for jokes, of course.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

El bromista que ridiculizó a Evo es un anticastrista rematado y vocero de la derecha españolala [Voltaire]

I knew a so stupid guy that call themself Spanish journalist some Federico Jimenez was triyng to make so bad joke to new Bolivian President Evo Morales, so couragued and honest leader of Aymara people over there. Morales was protagonist of success in recien election in Bolivia when he won it The Persident chair without discution. I understand that racist and monkeys of USA Gov shall be so hungry after this Historical Victory of real Bolivian people. Poor Jimenez, that is so hard anti Cuban Revolution and anti human, an anti All, when about justice issue try it. Maybe this Spanish and so subnormal being know not that him jokes our friend President Morales take it and pass it for him balls. Evo Morales is first Aymara President of his country. Start In Bolivia the real act of justice. I am sorry Jimenez and his gang.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

El Nuevo Herald | 10/14/2005 | Miami rinde homenaje a Raúl Rivero

El Nuevo Herald | 10/14/2005 | Miami rinde homenaje a Raúl Rivero
Poor guy!! This man was on his better times a one of more important generation of young poets of 60's in Revolucionary Cuba. The alcoholism and worse actitud about Cuban resistance against economic and terrorist war that USA Gov. make against Cuban Revolution made of this drunk soul an animal without brain or sense of justice, without shame. RIP Mr. Rivero.

Cuba -- El Nuevo Herald

On a not normal but crazy verdict USA Gov. gave as outlaw entry to this country to national baseball team of Cuba. I could not believe that this so stupid behavior can guide politic of Bush's gang. Maybe this baseball player are considered by Treasure Office of USA as terrorist, with sporting ware they could be so dangers. We should not forget that this same Cuban baseball team make them to eat sand to American professional players several times on this decade. We have elements to think that Bush suffer at fear dreaming with another dish of sand at Cuban player on sporting ring.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rebelion. Damas de blanco, Reporteros sin Fronteras y el derecho universal a salir de un país

May you can read it -text in Spanish-, It is call her White Ladies, and are several woman that are wives of disidents -an euphemist-, when they , her husbands are just terrorists that were paid for USA Gov. through SINA in Havana City to create several virtual troubles on Cuba with objetive to pull down democratic politic and social system over there. After many years of so hard economic and terrorist war at USA Gov against Cuban people, many victims of this acts on road, those ladies and her hororables husbands ar talk or claim rights to go out at Cuba by receive Sajarov Award. Please do not make me smile. The Florida Canal between both countries could tell us about big amount of death people that were eaten for sharks or torments on deeper found of this canal. Nobody talk about this inocent and ingenious victims that were pull by lies to dream of America, seeking a virtual Paradise. The European parliament is crazy or cinic. Despite lies of mass media the real situation up to superfice. All this so stupid man in jail are living on real paradise despite hipocrecy and not honest parliaments that gave her this so dark Award. About RSF I prefer say nothing. They should call them themselves Reporters without shame.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Miss Rice told us that USA torture not people around World.

After you read this notice you should beware! When USA Gov. Try to meant seem mascared lie you should be prepared to wait worse. Through many decades American political administrations were made cry to all us. Iraq first, Afghanistan after; maybe some Caribbean or Latin American country. Those dark gang that could be located on White House are fellows of terrorism tradition at centre of power of planet. Each lie that they talk on name of peace, represent another genocide in some obscure point of World like our poor and exclude and not developmed nations. The price for being a independient shall pay it so expensive. Who Lord can be so close to Miss Rice -she is named Rice while people that her gang bombing death at hungry- and her chief Mr. Bush (junior)? What kind of God can agree it ti this killer gang? I feel fear.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Welcome to myself

I am trying to undertand this so complicate & unjustice World that we are living early XXI century. Many people suffer hungry and social and political exclution. Each time that some big nation -USA Gov. earned number one-, need something to keep it saved go to run to any of our so poor countries located in South so far at rich zone in North and start to "bombimg" us and killing us until robe us all of our food, natural resurce, dignity and independence by them to transnationals them fine health. All long this issue become so stupid. Seem it that only so few rich Northem zone have right to development and keep access to eat each mornning after enjoy sun ligth. This situation bother me so hard. The violence is concecuence, and not solution. More death and poverty it is waiting for us each time that Mr. Bush start a tour around excluded zone of this down part of planet, that he believe -Bush & Gang-, is them private Empire. I shall write my thinks & impresions at seem experience. May all you could help me.

Thanks in advance.